Eriospermum descendens

Fig.1 E. descendens

planted in a larger pot for the plant size, expecting it to stretch stolons freely.
It was situated at a somewhat shaded place for a while but it held the prostrate characteristic.

Eriospermum descendens has another type of leaf that is almost round and lies flat on the ground. The species is famous for the clump forming nature by stolons.
The plant presented here is a newcomer to our greenhouse. We have not seen the flowers. We do not know how fast it can proliferate vegetatively, either.

The plant seems to accept ordinary care of Eriospermums, though our experience on the species is insufficent.

Subgenus Cyathiflorum
Section Rotatum
Scientific name Eriospermum descendens
Marloth ex P.L. Perry
Collection No. -
Locality -
Growing seasonwinter

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