Eriospermum dregei, IB13718

Comments This plant is characterized by rather ascending habit of the enation. Much branching enation is another remarkable feature however, it often happens on E. dregei plants in cultivation.
Though the locality is described as 'Taaiboschlaagte', we cannot specify the place in RSA. Well, we have found the name on certain websites on the internet but they point a place far north in the summer rainfall area where E. dregei, a winter grower, would not inhabit.

Fig.1 E. dregei, IB13718

The ascending, much branching habit of the enation gives somewhat like a brush.

Fig.2 E. dregei, IB13718, Young leaf

A leaf of juvenile E. dregei plant is like this. If the hairs were shorter or fewer we could see easily that they develop in groups.

E. dregei, IB13718 plants are as robust as other plants of the same species. However it may take a longer time to adapt to a new environments when they are moved.

Subgenus Eriospermum
Section Eriospermum
Scientific name Eriospermum dregei Schonland
Collection No. IB13718
Locality Taaiboschlaagte
Growing seasonwinter

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