Ornithogalum sp. #5, no locality

Fig.1 O. sp, #5, no locality

They develop very intersting leaves which we have not seen so often.

This is another curious species, yet we do not know the real taxon. We received them as Eriospermum species however, we noticed that the name was wide of the mark at the first sight.

They develop only one leaf per bulb. The glistening dark green leaves are strap-like or rolled, then ascending or recurved. The leaf shape varies in each bulb and is persistent.
These plants flower in spring and they are truly hysteranthous. The leaves begin to wither as the temperature gets higher, then they die down soon. The bulbs take a brief rest in a few weeks and suddenly develop a flower stalk.
The flowers are nodding yet very beautiful.

Fig.2 Ornithogalum sp. #5, Inflorescence

There is no mark of foliage because it has already withered and has been moved by the spring wind.
This photo was taken a few years ago.

Fig.3 Ornithogalum sp. #5, Flowers and buds

The flowers are nodding yet the shape is like another Ornithogalum. This plant is fully self-compatible so it produces a number of seeds each year.
This photo was taken a few years ago.


The plants are easy to grow as winter growing bulbs.

Scientific name Ornithogalum sp.
Collection No. -
Locality -
Growing seasonwinter

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