Eriospermum paradoxum, #1

You know E. paradoxum is the most famous species of the genus. Besides the popularity, E. paradoxum is said to be the most successful species among enation-producing Eriospermums, though E. paradoxum is the only species that does NOT belong to subgenus Eriospermum where all other Eriospermums with enations are included.
Tree-like appearance of enation with hairs is the unique characteristic of the species. It is said there is a wide variation of enation shape from locality to locality due to the wide distribution.
The plant presented here is missing locality. Its enation is like ordinary E. pradoxum but the less hairly appearance is not like a plant people expected.

Fig.1 E. paradoxum, no locality.

This plant is as vigorous as it looks.

Eriospermum paradoxum plants are easy to grow here. They love full sun throughout growing season like other Eriospermums. Once they begin to develop leaves, water should be given enough not to dry out the soil surface, or they may go into dormancy again.

Subgenus Ligulatum
Section Thaumazum
Scientific name Eriospermum paradoxum (Jacq.) Ker-Gawl.
Collection No. -
Locality -
Growing seasonwinter

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