Eriospermum aphyllum

This plant is more like the type of Eriospermum aphyllum than the IB10404 plants. The wiry peduncle goes once sideward then goes upright and develops a raceme. The upper part of pedicels have no flower buds from the begining. Such pedicels are produced solely for photosynthesis.
In juvenile stage or in stressing conditions, E. aphyllum plants tend to develop less flowers. One of them is so particular that it has not developed any flowers for years, though it is vigorous enough to develop multiple peduncles(Fig.2).

Fig.1 E. aphyllum, no locality

starts to flower in the middle of autumn. The peduncles once go sideward, then go upward.

Fig.2 Peduncles of E. aphyllum

This is another plant presumably from the same locality.
All flower stalks and no flowers.

Fig.3 Cotyledons

Seeds of E. aphyllum will germinate just in a few weeks. The germination rate is preferably high if sown in proper condition.

Fig.4 One year old seedlings

The plants develop one erect thread-like leaf while they are too young to produce a peduncle.

Once matured, this plant can accept care for ordinary Eriospermums. However, if you want to see it flower more, you should take modified care arranged for the humid loving Eriospermum.

Subgenus Ligulatum
Section Photopedicellatum
Scientific name Eriospermum aphyllum Marloth
Collection No. -
Locality -
Growing seasonwinter


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