Eriospermum paradoxum, #5

Fig.1 E. paradoxum

A pair of tubers planted in a pot. The enations are so woolly that we can not see the enation trunks very well.

They are the most beautiful E. paradoxum that we have. Though they are still a bit younger, their appearance is outstanding.
Numerous, very fine enation branches come out from the trunk part and the all parts are densely hairy. As the leaf sheath is very short, the plants may look as if round sticks of wool stood directly on the soil.

These plants are as easy to grow as other E. paradoxum plants. However, they are a slow grower. It may take a longer time to adapt to the new environment when they are moved.

Subgenus Ligulatum
Section Thaumazum
Scientific name Eriospermum paradoxum (Jacq.) Ker-Gawl.
Collection No. -
Locality -
Growing seasonwinter

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