Eriospermum folioliferum, NW Kamieskroon

Fig.1 E. folioliferum, NW Kamieskroon

The enations are twisted and hairy. There are three, small immature leaves in the pot but they are out of the frame.

This is another fantastic Eriospermum rare in cultivation. Mutiple strap-like, hairy enations develop individually from leaf surface then twist.
This plant has not flowered since it came to us around four years before. But fortunately, this plant tends to make offsets. We already ripped four small offsets yet the mother plant is prepareing new three ones.

This plant is a late riser here, as it usually wakes up in December.

Subgenus Eriospermum
Section Eriospermum
Scientific name Eriospermum folioliferum Andrews
Collection No. -
Locality - NW Kamieskroon
Growing seasonwinter

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