Ornithogalum concordianum, #1

Fig.1 O. concordianum, no locality
Small yet wonderful foliage. Every leaf of every plant seems to coil this direction and we have seen no exceptions.

This is the funniest form of Ornithogalum concordinaum, a.k.a. O. apertum that we have, as the leaves are coiled so tightly. Its foliage is actually small, the height or width does not go more than 5cm, but it is striking.
In spring it begins to develop a flower stalk then the leaves begin to wither. The inflorescence becomes very large compared to foliage, then large flowers for the genus open in warm sunny days.
Not only this plant but the majority of O. concordianum plants will be self-incompatible. However, they will make offsets eventually.

Fig.2 Inflorescence of O. concordianum

As you can see the leaves wither along with development of the flower stalks. This photo was taken a few years ago.

Fig.3 Cotyledons

Nothing is particular at this stage

Fig.3 Cotyledons

Nothing is particular at this stage

The O. concordianum plants loves full sun and plenty of watering. They are just like ordinary bulbs from South Africa.

Scientific name Ornithogalum concordianum
(Baker) U.Müll.-Doblies & D.Müll.-Doblies
Collection No. -
Locality -
Growing seasonwinter

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