Eriospermum multifidum

E. multifidum can rival E. paradoxum in suprising leaf shape. Mass of finely divided enations is truly amazing.
Compared to the gorgeous leaf, its inflorescence is modest. The peduncle barely goes up to 15cm and the sober flowers are about 1cm wide.
Our plant presented here seems to have conditional self-compatibility. It set seeds by itself after the hottest summer in 2007. We have grown it for four years and that was the first occasion.

 Fig.1 E. multifidum
The plant did not develop leaves well this season so we reuse our previous picture.

Fig.2 E. multifidum, inflorescence

The small flowers are held on shorter peduncles. Flower shape and color are ordinary for the section Eriospermum.

E. multifidum is as easy to grow as any other winter-growing Eriospermums. It pops up wonderful leaf every year in middle autumn. However, it is often difficult to keep the leaf beautiful. The fine enations are susceptible to dryness or higher temperature, then enations can wither from the apices easily.

Subgenus Eriospermum
Section Eriospermum
Scientific name Eriospermum multifidum Marloth
Collection No. -
Locality -
Growing seasonwinter

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