Ornithogalum sp. #4, no locality

Fig.1 Ornithogalum. sp. #4

The opposite leaves are all they develop before flowering.

Small plants with only a couple of opposite leaves. We got them as a Polyxena species yet they are absolutely different. The leaves are thin, dark green and prostrate. They flower after the leaves wither in spring.
They are self-compatible so we can easily get the seeds once they flower. The flowers are just like Ornithogalums though, the plants can be a Drimia species. We have to check the flower in detail again and then check the fruits.

Their cultivation is as easy as any Ornithogalums. They can stand short and mild drought during the growing season so they might come from a certain arid region.

Scientific name Ornithogalum sp.
Collection No. -
Locality -
Growing seasonwinter

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