Ornithogalum sp. Zeerust, NW Province

Fig.1 O. sp. Zeerust

The small hairy leaf looks like a cat's tongue, though it might look not so healthy if it were.


This is a very strange Ornithogalum. It has only one leaf. The leaf barely goes up to 3cm long, and the color is very dark green or half black, with white minute hairs on the surface. The flowers are also tiny responding to the leaf size.
Though the plant shape is already weird enough, The weirdest feature of the plant is that it is a winter grower which inhabits in the summer rainfall area, Zeerust of NW Province.

Fig.2 O. sp. Zeerust, Flowers
Very small flowers for a winter growing Ornithogalum.

Fig.3 Cotyledons
Nothing is particular but they tend to be prostrate.

There seems no difficulty in growing the plants as they go well with ordinary care of winter growing bulbs.

Scientific name Ornithogalum sp.
Collection No. -
Locality Zeerust, NW Province
Growing seasonwinter

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