Eriospermum aphyllum, IB10404

Fig.1 E. aphyllum, IB10404

In flower under the autumn sun.
Remark the corymb-like inflorescence and the glaucous peduncles.

Eriospermum aphyllum is the representative species of section Photopedicellatum. The section consists of several species which perform photosynthesis mainly at the peduncle and pedicels. The flower stalk usually persists throughout growing season, even after it scatters seeds and the fruits are gone.
The E. aphyllum, IB10404 plants are smaller and easy flowering. The corymb-like inflorescens is the most remarkable characteristics of the plants. The flowers are also small for the species but look beautiful with greener midnerve on the white petal.

Fig.3 Peduncles and pedicels

The above plants after seed dispersion. These funny structures keep on standing until it gets warm enough.

Fig.4 Cotyledons

The woolly heads are smaller, reflecting the small seed size.

Eriospermum aphyllum plant seems to favor a little more humid condition than ordinary Eriospermums and water should be given before the soil surface gets completely dry. It is not recommended to pot any part of the tuber exposed on the soil for the same reason.

Subgenus Ligulatum
Section Photopedicellatum
Scientific name Eriospermum aphyllum Marloth
Collection No. IB10404
Locality Gifberg
Growing seasonwinter

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